Conflict Solutions for the Workplace and for Families

Imagine: In every conflict there is opportunity — opportunity for renewed relationships, growth, and greater understanding.

Conflict Solutions for the Workplace and for Families

Selden Prentice is a Seattle-based mediator offering mediation and conflict resolution services to individuals, organizations, and families who wish to seize on that opportunity. In choosing my services, clients minimize the financial and emotional costs of difficult and painful conflicts. Professionally trained, I work with both compassion and diligence to help clients reach an agreeable solution, so that they can move beyond conflict and towards peace and productivity.

Helping Organizations and Employees Get Back on Track

If your organization is faced with the predicament of a difficult and sometimes debilitating workplace conflict, I offer a variety of options designed to meet your needs. If mediation is the appropriate option, I will guide you through the mediation process by helping you and the other party articulate and clarify your interests and goals, acknowledge your differences, and work together to create a solution that meets both your needs. Through this process people find that damaged relationships are renewed and people are back on track.

Helping to Create a More Peaceful and Cohesive Workplace

I offer other services that can also reduce workplace conflict. These include: Conflict Coaching, Workplace Assessments, and Conflict Resolution Workshops.

Family Conflict

More and more frequently, professionals are seeing conflict among parent and teen, among adult siblings, and between adult children and their parents over financial and other issues. I offer mediation and Conflict Coaching to families in dispute over parent-teen issues, over the care of an aging parent, and concerning wills, inheritance and finances. Learn more about my family conflict resolution services here.