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This video, from England, involves two managers, whose very different working styles lead them into conflict. The mediation helps them address these differences and find new ways of working that meet both of their needs.


Try this helpful video about mediation:


Foreclosure Mediation in Washington

February 11, 2012

In April 2011 the Washington state legislature passed the “Foreclosure Fairness Act,” which gives distressed homeowners working with housing counselors or attorneys, the right to in-person mediation with the bank or company servicing their mortgage. The purpose of the program is to give homeowners facing foreclosure the chance to negotiate alternatives to foreclosure such as […]

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What Kind of Mediator Should I Use?

July 17, 2011

Although the word “mediation” implies a particular type of dispute resolution process, there are actually three main types of mediation: facilitative, evaluative and transformative. In addition, some mediators use a mix of styles, depending on the case. When choosing a mediator, therefore, it is important to ask the mediator which style or styles he or […]

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Helpful Links

June 8, 2011

General Information: The website Mediate.Com has a plethora of articles and information on mediation. Explaining Mediation: The following article by the Washington Mediation Association explains the mediation process in detail. Preparing for Mediation:The following article may be helpful to you in preparing for mediation.

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Video About Workplace Mediation

June 7, 2011

Here is a helpful link to a video to learn more about workplace mediation:

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Mediation – How it Can Help Cut Costs in Business

March 4, 2011

Most of us experience conflict in our lives; it is human nature to disagree. Businesses, of course, experience conflict as well, but unresolved conflict comes at a significant cost. A survey commissioned by CPP, Inc. indicates that employees around the world deal with conflict, on average, 2.1 hours a week, or one day a month. […]

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