Family Conflict

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Parent-Teen Mediations
Some of the most painful and difficult conflicts are between parent and teen. Prentice Mediation offers mediation as an alternative to family therapy; parent-teen mediation offers families the chance to communicate in a safe environment, without judgment from the mediator.

Other Family Mediations
I also offer mediation among adult siblings, and between a parent and a grown child. These family conflicts can be particularly painful partly because the discord often has roots in troubled childhood relationships. For example, people in such conflicts may be holding onto anger from childhood, resenting an older sibling who was the golden child, or still blaming a parent for spoiling the youngest child.

In many cases it is essential to address these difficult conflicts earlier rather than later, before these relationships are damaged beyond repair, and before financially draining litigation ensues. The chair of the Elder Law Committee of the American Bar Association has noted that he gets involved at least monthly in a fight between siblings over an aging parent. Often, these conflicts involve finances.

The following are examples of family conflicts that are appropriate for mediation and conflict coaching:

  • Disputes about how to care for elderly parents.
  • Disputes over a will or trust.
  • A painful sibling or family relationship which one or both parties want to improve.
  • Disputes involving family property or finances.

Contact Information

If you have a family conflict that needs to be resolved, call me at 206-715-0341 or fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you right away. If you feel you need a consultation with a social worker, I recommend Ellen Liu Kellor, MSW.